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The Subs feat. Highbloo - Don't Stop

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buy on iTunes: video by BORN TO FILM The too-cool-for-old-school house cut Don't Stop is the love child of the first The Subs vs Highbloo musical encounter, when Highbloo was not part of the band yet. A very spontaneous i-feel-good-and-i-wanna-go-to-the-pool-maybe-have-a-barbecue-but-surely-invite-some-friends-and-shake-it-to-the-floor kinda track. Lush and summer-ish. release date: 30th of May TRACKLIST: 1. The Subs - Don't Stop 2. The Subs - Don't Stop (Beataucue Remix) 3. The Subs - Don't Stop (Autoérotique Remix) 4. The Subs - Don't Stop (Mustard Pimp Remix) 5. The Subs - Don't Stop (Le Petit Belge&Le Cheval Remix) 6. The Subs - Don't Stop (Bird Peterson Remix) 7. The Subs - Don't Stop (The Aston Shuffle Remix)

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