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  • 03:41 Populaire video milk inc - Tonight

    milk inc - Tonight

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    I never knew I could miss you so Holding on to a dream Never letting goI never thought Though it's been a year You would be hereTonight, tonight..When we're together baby Tonight, tonight..Will last forever babyTonight, tonight..We will feel aliveTonight,

  • 03:33 Populaire video milk inc - Run

    milk inc - Run

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    The sun touches my skinBut I'm freezin' withinLook outside, it's a beautiful dayBut I feel a cold inside,?cause you're so far awayI'm gonna run, runfast as I can?cause I just wanna be with you againI'm gonna run, runOut of this placeSo I can see the sunsh

  • 03:13 Populaire video milk inc - Time

    milk inc - Time

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    It may be true that it?s worth another tryBut than again I often wonder whyThere?s no answer there?s no reason left to stayIs it time? Tell me there?s another wayTimeTake us back in timeWhy can?t we rewindAnd take it back to where we used to be (2x)It may

  • 03:20 Populaire video milk inc - Never again

    milk inc - Never again

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    You took your love awayHad nothing left to sayI guess you're still to young to knowYou can't decide wich way to go,right nowNever again will I be broken,never again will someone hurt my soul againMy heart was open,never again will I fallI've seen this all

  • 03:40 Populaire video milk inc - Go to hell

    milk inc - Go to hell

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    It's too lateto sayyou're sorry - you're sorryIt's too lateto say that i will tellwhohowgo to hell, bye-byegot to hellit's too late to cry go to hell, bye-bye'cause you let our fire dieHere I amstanding in the lightyou're at homefighting trough a lonely n

  • 04:58 Populaire video milk inc - Sleepwalker

    milk inc - Sleepwalker

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    It doesn't feel right,to see the daylight,if you're not here,if you're not here with me.[SLEEP]In my sleep, I can still hear you,In my sleep, I can still feel you,Every word you say, echoes yesterday,But you turned and walked away.Every day feels just the

  • 03:23 Populaire video milk inc - Livin' a lie

    milk inc - Livin' a lie

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    you put on a fightblaming me the feelings gonebut i know you ain't righti never felt it all alonglivin' a lie tell me why i run and hidelivin' a lie you'll never know me deep insidei put on a fightand try to pretend that i'm all rightrcause it's only a wh

  • 03:39 Populaire video milk inc - Whisper

    milk inc - Whisper

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    Hush Now, Let?s No End Before We StartHush Now, Lay A Whisper On My HeartTime Flies, When You?re Lying Next To MeYour Eyes, Are The Only Thing I SeeLet?s Make This Moment Last,Try Not To Move To Fast,Just Bring Your Lips To My EarDon?t Say You Love Me,Don

  • 03:12 Populaire video milk inc - Insomnia

    milk inc - Insomnia

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    Linda: I only smoke weed when I need to,And I need to get some rest,I confess, I burnt a hole in the mattress,Yes, yes, it was me, I plead guilty,Sylvie: And on the count of three I pull back the duvet,Make my way to the refrigerator,One dry potato inside

  • 04:05 Populaire video milk inc - The sun always shine on tv

    milk inc - The sun always shine on tv

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    Touch me How can it beBelieve meThe sun always shines on tvHold me Close to your heartTouch me and give allTo me...I reached inside myselfAnd foundnothing thereTo ease thepressure ofMy ever worring mindAll my powers waste awayI fear the crazed and lonely

  • 03:43 Populaire video milk inc - Breathe without you

    milk inc - Breathe without you

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    Breathe without youHow can I breathe without youBreath without youI'll never breathe without youDrowning... In the distance from me to youUnderneats the surfaceAll colours fade to blueGetting trough another nightSleeping through another dayHeaven seems so

  • 03:48 Populaire video milk inc - La vache

    milk inc - La vache

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