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Sarah Bettens - GO

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This is when the wall comes down
This is when I give myself to every inch of me that says
it's time to go
The voice is clear, but not alone
doubt had made my head it's home
And I can hardly hear myself explode
Someone tell me something good,
Something I can really use

Here I go, say goodbye to everything
I know, Here I go, I love you till the end of time
I have to do this on my one so heter, here I go

on the edge of everything
the start, the end, the inbetween
but somewhere trough my fear I know I'm fine...

Nothing like the way it's been,
an open door I've never seen
And I can't help but wonder what's inside...
someone telle me something googd
something I can really use

Here I go ...

Sure I guess I must be strong
But what if I am just very wrong
what if I don't know
where I belong

Here I go...

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