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  • 03:13 Populaire video milk inc - Time

    milk inc - Time

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    It may be true that it?s worth another tryBut than again I often wonder whyThere?s no answer there?s no reason left to stayIs it time? Tell me there?s another wayTimeTake us back in timeWhy can?t we rewindAnd take it back to where we used to be (2x)It may

  • 03:41 Populaire video milk inc - Tonight

    milk inc - Tonight

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    I never knew I could miss you so Holding on to a dream Never letting goI never thought Though it's been a year You would be hereTonight, tonight..When we're together baby Tonight, tonight..Will last forever babyTonight, tonight..We will feel aliveTonight,

  • 03:33 Populaire video milk inc - Run

    milk inc - Run

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    The sun touches my skinBut I'm freezin' withinLook outside, it's a beautiful dayBut I feel a cold inside,?cause you're so far awayI'm gonna run, runfast as I can?cause I just wanna be with you againI'm gonna run, runOut of this placeSo I can see the sunsh


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